What can go in a dumpster? Not everything is allowed. Find out more.

What Can Be Thrown Away In A Dumpster?

What Can Be Thrown Away In A Dumpster? 1360 1018 Triple R Dumpsters

What Can Be Put In A Dumpster?

When you find you have a need to order a dumpster rental for construction waste removal, remodel, garage cleanouts, attic cleanouts, yard cleanup, etc, you may wonder, what exactly can I put in a dumpster? Is there anything that shouldn’t be thrown away in a dumpster?

Some may think that anything can be thrown away in a dumpster. But, they are mistaken. There are some things that are against the law to dispose of in a landfill. This is due to the safety and health hazards certain items can cause.

First, we will go over all permitted items you can put in a dumpster. Then, we will go over what is not allowed to be disposed of in a roll-off dumpster according to waste management restrictions.

What Can Be Disposed Of In A Dumpster

  General Waste

General waste that you find around your home all goes safely into your dumpster. Examples include paper and plastic trash, food waste, clothing, shoes, broken picture frames, dishes, and everyday household materials. Toys, bikes, lamps, rugs, curtains, rugs, old documents, cardboard, and similar non-organic trash can all be put in a dumpster, too.

  Construction Debris

If you are remodeling your home, you will quickly accumulate a good amount of construction debris to dispose of. Things like drywall, wooden materials, siding, flooring, cabinets, flooring, tile, ceiling fans, lighting, and other construction and demolition debris can go into dumpsters.

Heavy materials such as concrete, bricks, stone, and asphalt may be put in a dumpster but may be subject to an overage charge due to the weight. It’s important that every attempt shall be taken to equally disperse the weight of the debris within dumpsters. Notify the dumpster rental company because they may be able to help dispose of such heavy items in a more efficient manner. 


Almost all types of furniture are accepted in dumpsters such as entertainment cabinets, side tables, couches, dining tables, chairs, desks, bed frames, etc. However, in some locations, upholstered furniture and mattresses are not allowed in landfills; and in others, you can throw furniture and mattresses in a dumpster, but it can come with additional fees depending on your local area’s regulations.

  Yard Waste / Debris

Landscape debris like trees, branches, bushes, plants, grass, uncontaminated soil, and other green waste are allowed in most dumpsters.

What is NOT Allowed To Be Disposed of In A Dumpster

   Appliances / “White Goods”

North Carolina law prohibits the dumping of appliances. Under regulations, you cannot dispose of washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, ranges, water heaters, freezers, unit air conditioners in a dumpster.

   Hazardous Materials

Wet paints, stains, lacquers, and paint thinners are not allowed. Empty paint cans can be disposed of or recycled at PaintCare locations. Use the PaintCare Site Locator to find a location to drop off any leftover paint.

Asbestos, pesticides, motor oil and other automotive fluids, propane tanks, household cleaners, ink and resins, and medical waste should never be put in a dumpster.

   Car Batteries & Tires

No car batteries or tires can be disposed of in a dumpster.

The good news is there are various ways to properly dispose of scrap tires and batteries. Most auto parts stores or tire dealerships have recycling programs. It’s best to call and inquire about the details.

Another option includes finding a local recycler who will then convert old tires into asphalt or rubber mulch.

   Miscellaneous items NOT to be put in a dumpster:
        • Discarded televisions
        • Fluorescent lightbulbs
        • Discarded computer equipment
        • Aluminum cans

To see that other items are not allowed in a landfill in NC, click this link.

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