Tips On Organizing The Clutter

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It’s a great time to get the garage, attic, or shed cleaned out and organized.

With recent changes in life due to COVID-19, more of us in the Raleigh NC area are finding ourselves with more time at home. To keep from being overwhelmed with sudden changes that affect our whole way of life it’s good to keep busy with constructive things. And with the kids home with us in, we may be looking for things to keep the whole family active and off the couch.

Make A Plan

Before tearing into the room or area you need to clean out, first think about what you would like to accomplish.  This cleanout is to:

  1.  Clear out the garage to park the car(s)?
  2. Clear a space to work in?
  3. Declutter for an upcoming move?
  4. Simplify and pair down things?
  5. Just moved in and realized you should have gotten rid of more before the move?

Next, prioritize what needs to be done first. Remember that it doesn’t have to be done all in one day. In areas where clutter has been piled up for months or years will take time to go through.

Give each person a job or task. Assign according to who can do the job best. You can also have each person go through the things they know are their own.

A Decluttering Method

  • Designate bins for “things to keep”. Label each bin with each person’s name or what will go in it.
  • Have plenty of large garbage bags or and fill cardboard boxes you empty with recycling.
  • Designate other cardboard boxes or bags for things to donate.
  • Once sorted remove everything from the area.
  • Do a thorough cleaning.
  • It’s a perfect time to paint the walls or floors. You’ll be more likely to keep it tidy.
  • Assemble or hang shelving or storage solution items.
  • Bring your “keep” items back, in labeled clear storage containers along with all other items.

To make your life easier go online and order dumpster rental service. All garbage, as long it is not toxic, can be thrown in the dumpster as your project continues. Because a dumpster makes it easy to keep the area outside of the home neat and debris free, your neighbors will be happy not to see a huge mess at the curb.

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Dumpster Rental

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